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The Queens Of Our Hearts and Home

These lovely female Bengal Cats rule the roost here in Wonderland! Each is unique and a stunning example of the breed. In addition to type and out of this world coats, these ladies have hearts that are even more beautiful than their tantalizing spots! They are deeply attached to our children and will often be seen lazing around close during home work time, or waiting not so patiently under our little ones high chair at dinner time! Our program wouldn’t be what it is without these gorgeous girls. We just love sharing our lives with these beauties and are so blessed by all of the love and joy that they bring us every day.

Wonderland Bengals JoAnneMarie

Del is the queen bee of the house. She keeps everyone in line including the dogs, but is also very tolerant of our kiddos and will go along with a wagon ride or a sleep over. She comes from Supreme Grand Champion lines and also carries for snow (which means snow babies!) She has one of the softest pelts ever and is covered in sparkling glitter.


Wonderland Bengals Leia Organa

Leia is our first keeper daughter from TICA Champion Stan Lee and she has all of her dad’s amazing features and just the sweetest purrrrrsonality. Just a stunning snow mink She loves every child that she meets and spends much of her time romping around with the dogs. She enjoys the show halls and is always up for new adventures. We expect her kittens to have gorgeous nocturnal eyes, a very wild look, and the sweetest personalities.


Wonderland Bengal Tea Party

We knew very early on that this was one VERY special girl. From the time that she was a teenie tiny kitten she stood out. She looked like she had been carefully and perfectly painted with PERFECT rosettes. Her first confident steps shouted “look at me!” and those big eyes looked right up at you. Her color and contrast is outstanding and her personality is confident and incredibly friendly. She is everything that we had hoped for with this cross and so much more. Her future is so bright you are going to need shades for this one! Stay tuned for updates fancy little lady.

Silverstorm Silvia Savage

Silvia came to the the US across the pond from the United Kingdom.
We have wanted a Silverstorm Bengal for years and when the opportunity came up for us to add Silvia to our program we jumped on it! She carries a fabulous Supreme Grand Champion blood line and has a beautiful and very exotic profile and head. She is a confident girl who likes things her way and isn’t afraid to make that known! She stamps this confidence on her kittens and is a fantastic mother.
Silver Bengals are just breathtaking and we look forward to adding these silver beauties to our program here.