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The Stunning Kings of Our Castle

These handsome male Bengal Cats have been carefully selected to pass on their extraordinary traits, stunning coat patterns, and super sweet personalities to the next generation here at Wonderland Bengals, Bengal Cat Breeders. Kings need ample space and LOTS of love and attention during their rein as sires. Because of their unique needs we never have more than two mature whole males at one time. Our kings are retired early so they can live out their lives as cherished and pampered pets.

TICA Champion Fire Claws Osahel

This handsome fellow is Fire Claws Osahel, also known as Stan Lee.

Jack Daniels of Wonderland Bengals

Jack is the newest addition to Wonderland Bengals. We quite literally searched the entire world for this boy. He joins us all the way from Russia! We had been wanting to add a snow kitten for quite some time and just couldn’t find that “perfect” one. That is, until we saw Jack! It was love at first sight. He has huge open rosettes, an amazing profile, and baby blue eyes that just melt your heart. We look forward to showing him in the kitten classes for 2018 and are SUPER excited to add snows to our breeding program in the future. Welcome to Wonderland you handsome little stud muffin.

Bengal King Cat Jack

TICA Grand Champion Lynxland Xhiva

For the longest time I had dreamed of a silver male to bring into our program. Being small we are very careful of who we add and why. This way we can make sure that all of our cats get the love and care that they deserve. I knew exactly what I wanted, but my list of requirements in this perfect boy were almost unattainable. I wanted a clear coat, fantastic personality, open rosettes, an extreme profile, and dreamy green eyes. This boy existed only in my mind for years…..until I saw Xhiva. I remember the first time I saw this tiny silver kitten. He was just a little baby and I was smitten with him. His eyes, his cute little ears, and that coat!!!! As I watched him grow and develope I fell more in love. THIS was him. Thanks to Iva Bartos of Lynxland Bengals (Located in the Czech Republic) this sweet boy has joined our family. He is so much fun to show, loves every minute of it, and is the sweetest Bengal you will ever meet. He’s a big boy and just a total mush!!! The sky is the limit with this boy. He earned not only best Bengal in show at his latest show, he was BEST ALL BREED CAT!!!! What an honor to have such an incredible boy.