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Welcome to Wonderland Bengals!

We are so excited that you have decided to join us on our adventure. There is excitement around every turn and there is never a dull moment with our Bengal cat bunch here in Wonderland.

If you have never had the privilege of meeting this charming, playful, and exotic breed you are in luck! We love to share our love of bengal cats with others and are always happy to meet fellow owners, exhibitors, and admirers alike at a local TICA show.

A Message From The Fisher Family – Breeders of Bengal Cats…

There is no breed quite like the Bengal cat. We are a very active house hold with a small hobby farm, three boys, two dogs, and our little Bengal clan. We stay very small because we feel that our cats deserve to be family members first and show cats second. Our cats are members of our family and members of our household. That means that our cats share our home. They sleep in our beds, cozy up on our furniture, and jump on our counter tops. (despite knowing full well that they shouldn’t!) We do not have a “cattery”, however our whole males do have their own bedroom, and enjoy their family time as well.

Our kittens are socialized from birth with our children and other pets. We have very cat friendly dogs, but they do bark, and one is a boxer. That means they are accustomed to a big dog bouncing by and barking at the mail man. It doesn’t faze them at all. They are used to the busy comings and goings of family life. They are perfectly matched in energy with our school aged boys and love to play with all of their friends. (A few of our bengals have joined our boys for show and tell and are always a big hit with both the teachers and the students!)

Bengals are a sturdy, curious, and active breed. They don’t mind the hugs and clumsy pats from our toddler, and are quite agile enough to avoid him when they aren’t in the mood to chase after his toys or try and snag a few runaway cheese puffs. In fact you will often see our youngest swinging a cat teaser with a swarm of adoring bengal fans at his little feet.

If you are looking for a laid back couch potato the Bengal breed is not for you. However, if you are looking for a playful, active, and energetic cat that wants to be your best friend, THIS is your cat. There is so much personality behind those captivating eyes. The beauty of these cats is nothing compared to the beauty and size of their hearts. Bengals LOVE their people, and love to be with them wherever that may be. (if we don’t close the bathroom door that also means in our shower! Many bengals LOVE water.)

Life as you know it will never be the same after you are owned by a Bengal. These magnificent felines are very much like potato chips…often times you can’t have just one!

Thank you for sharing in our love for these incredible one of a kind cats. We look forward to hearing all about YOUR adventures with our Wonderland Bengals.